My name is Johannes Unterguggenberger. I am a real-rime rendering engineer and researcher and live in Vienna, Austria, where I’m working as predoctoral university assistant in the Research Unit of Computer Graphics of TU Wien.

Technology and GitHub Projects

Currently, I am mostly working with C++17/C++20 and Vulkan, mainly to further the development of a Vulkan convenience and productivity layer called Auto-Vk and a C++/Vulkan programming framework called Gears-Vk.

I’m also using the .NET framework with C# and PowerShell for the development of tools and utils for Gears-Vk. In the past, I used C# for various desktop projects in conjunction with WPF, and most notably, also for Unity3D development.

My teaching efforts w.r.t. Vulkan happened to gain some fame recently: The Vulkan Lecture Series, provided via our research unit’s YouTube channel, has been listed on -> Learn -> Tutorials, and our paper The Road to Vulkan: Teaching Modern Low-Level APIs in Introductory Graphics Courses has been accepted to Eurographics 2022.


To contact me about teaching and research-related topics, please refer to my personal page at the Institute of Visual Computing & Human-Centered Technology.

For personal matters, feel free to send me an email to: